Sarah Boardman

Sarah Boardman

NAME: Sarah Boardman

AGE: 16

WHEN DID YOU START DANCING? I started dancing in fourth grade in a jazz/funk/hip hop class at Lake Oswego Academy of Dance.

COMPANIES YOU HAVE BEEN IN? I danced in the performing company at Westside Academy for four years, and NW Fusion for one year.

INTENSIVES YOU HAVE ATTENDED? I have attended many conventions over the years, such as Jump, NYCDA, Tremaine, WCDE, and others. I have also attended a number of the Westside summer intensives.

FAVORITE STYLE OF DANCE? Ballet or contemporary. I love them both for such different reasons, it’s too hard to choose.

WHY DO YOU DANCE? I can’t really think of an all-encompassing reason for why I dance, so all I can think to say is that I dance because I’m empty without it. It’s all I can ever really seem to think about and it has shaped me as a person. It has raised me like a third parent, teaching me discipline and persistence. I’m forever thankful that dance is in my life.


BEST DANCE MEMORY? My best dance memory is of performing my duo with Jonas at Spotlight regionals. There was a moment where we looked at each other right at the end of the piece and we were like “Is this happening right now?” Performing that day felt so natural and it reminded me why it’s so important to find what you love and do it as much as you possibly can.

“Find what you love and let it kill you” – Charles Bukowski