La Mélodie

La Mélodie Big

NAME: Caitlyn Nielsen

AGE: I am 16 years old.

WHEN DID YOU START DANCING?  I started dancing when I was three years old and have danced full time ever since.

COMPANIES YOU HAVE BEEN IN? I recently started dancing with the NWFusion company and before that was apart of the Westside Performing Company for 6 years.

FAVORITE STYLE OF DANCE? My favorite style of dance would be lyrical or contemporary because I can always find a connection with my dancing to the real world through those styles the most.

WHY DO YOU DANCE? Dancing is my way of sharing stories and expressing my passion.

DO YOU HOPE TO PURSUE DANCE AS A CAREER? I definitely want to continue dancing after college and make a career out of it. I hope one day I’ll be able to travel the world, teach dance, and learn new styles.

BEST DANCE MEMORY? My favorite memory from dancing was when I had to opportunity to dedicate my solo to my dad. I was able to express through my dance all of the emotions I’ve carried around within me.

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass.. It’s learning to dance in the rain”