The Feel Again

The Feel Again Big

NAME : Chelsea Queen

AGE : 18

WHEN DID YOU START DANCING? I started dancing at age 3. 

COMPANIES YOU HAVE BEEN IN? I’ve been in Westside Dance Academy’s Performing Company for 7 years and NW -Fusion Dance Company for 3 years.

INTENSIVES YOU HAVE ATTENDED? I have attended many different dance intensives such as: NYCDA, Jump, Move and Pulse. I have also been to Westside’s Summer Intensive for 10 years. 

FAVORITE STYLE OF DANCE? My favorite style of dance is a toss up between ballet and contemporary.

WHY DO YOU DANCE? I dance because that’s when I allow myself to release everything. I dance for myself, to better myself, and to watch myself grow through thick and thin.

DO YOU HOPE TO PURSUE DANCE AS A CAREER? As much as dance has been my passion and life, I have chosen to take a different path after high school. I hope to continue dance on the side as much as I can, but other than that, I can only appreciate what I’ve been given through dance for the years to come.

BEST DANCE MEMORY? My best dance memory was performing the Nutcracker as the Sugar Plum Fairy. That had been a life long dream of mine and I was able to achieve it. I’ve never worked so hard on something and gotten such positive feedback. I will never get rid of the pointé shoes from that performance! (They are hanging in my college dorm room as we speak.)

 “Dance, dance. Otherwise we are lost.”

-Pina Bausch