Jesús Velasco Mondragón

Jesus Velasco MondragonNAME: Jesús Velasco Mondragón

CITY: Mexico DF, Mexico

1. HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN DANCING? AND HOW DID YOU START? I have been dancing for 8 years. I started in a small dance group in high school.

2. WHERE HAVE YOU TRAINED AS A DANCER? WHERE HAVE YOU PERFORMED OR COMPETED? I trained in high school and a college called ITESM, and different studios in Mexico City such as Rocheer Studio, Black Studio, LaCantera, D’ansa Jazz Stage. In New York I trained at Broadway Dance Center and Steps. I attended different conventions in Mexico and US. I competed in Mexico at COP, Interdanza, HipHop International, JUMP and in the US at JUMP, The Dance Awards, and NuVo.

My performances include different theaters in Mexico as a member of independent companies or varsity teams. Also, I worked for different projects such as Mi Raza, This Is It Mexico, and more.

3. WHAT ARE YOU WORKING ON CURRENTLY WITH DANCE? I am doing a tour in Mexico teaching, choreographing, and producing for different dance studios.

4. WHAT STYLE IS YOUR FAVORITE? AND WHY? Contemporary. Actually I’m always mixing different styles, and people recognize that as contemporary.

5. WHY IS DANCE IMPORTANT TO YOU? WHY IS IT IMPORTANT FOR THE COMMUNITY? It’s not just important, it’s part of me. And, for the community, I would say that dance it’s actually not essential for everyone, but everyone should have or find a way to be more in contact with yourself. I speak to me when I dance, and for that reason I’m able to know who I am and how to be a better human being.

5. CAN YOU GIVE SOME ADVICE TO SOMEONE WHO WANTS TO PERSUE DANCE AS A CAREER? Be serious with yourself about what you want. Commit to your dreams. Show the world how much you love to dance while you are dancing.