Folklórico Mexicano

Caité Danza Collage Tall TextFOLKLÓRICO MEXICANO

The culture of Mexico is full of vibrant colors, tastes, and sounds. The people themselves have an incredible history of hardship and overcoming oppression. Through dance and movement, I learned how the people of Mexico have kept their traditions alive.

Starting with the indigenous people, dance was used to worship their gods; to ask for protection, good weather, and to give thanks. With the arrival of European conquerers, both the people and their culture struggled to survive. In order to keep their customs and traditions alive, they were made to adapt and change many things in their every day lives. Today, we can see numerous folkloric dances that give both homage to their past and also show the influence of the times. Although there was a lot of pain and suffering for many years, the celebration of life continues on and the people of Mexico continue to thrive and share their rich history with passion and joy.

Thank you to Ricardo, Thelma, and the talented dancers of Caité Danza for sharing your passion for dance with me.

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