Yin Yang Crew



When it comes to the urban dance scene in Peru, you will find a multitude of dedicated dancers, tightly synchronized crews, and battles showcasing champions and newcomers alike along with discussions and seminars about the history and components of Hip Hop lifestyle. I had a chance to spend some time with one of these crews, Yin Yang Crew. While with them I was able to really understand the importance of OPENNESS to learning DISCIPLINE in your training, ACCOUNTABILITY of yourself, and most importantly letting your PASSION grow and guide your progress. I saw the unwavering determination and unity of this group of dancers in their rehearsals, training sessions, and out on the floor at the battle, La Batalla Z. Yin Yang Crew is a testament to how it doesn’t matter where you came from, whether you trained at a school, a studio, on the streets, or from videos on MTV, “A dancer is a dancer. Period…” as my friend and founder of the crew, Michael Grijalva Campos. We learn something from everyone.

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