Jeremy Iturri





 While in Peru I had the chance to cameo in a concept video choreographed by RichBoy, Jeremy Iturri and ask him a few questions about himself and what it’s like dancing in Lima. Here’s what he had to say:

A: How many years of dance have you had? And what is your favorite style?

J: I started dancing 5 years ago and my favorite style is Hip Hop.

A: What inspired you to start dancing?

J: I was watching the movie, You Got Served, and I thought to myself, “Wow, I want to dance like them!”

A: Where did you start your training?

J: I trained at a few different dance schools including TFS and Escuela D1 de Vania Masias.

A: What is it like to be part of the RichBoyz Project?

J: Being in the RichBoyz Project has really changed my life!

A: What inspires you when you dance or create choreography?

J: First, the music. When I hear the music I can feel different things. Also, my students because I love to see them dancing and bringing the choreography to life. And of course the choreographers from L.A and N.Y inspire me a lot.

A: What is it like to dance in Lima?

J: I think the dance scene is good in Lima. But it is difficult if you are not part of a local crew. I dance solo here so it can be harder to find work. That’s why I focus on teaching and choreographing. And I love to see Peruvian dancers.

A: What advice can you give to dancers who want to audition?

J: I think that if you work hard for something you will be successful. The people NEED to DREAM all of the time. And if you catch one DREAM, it is not the end. You NEED to DREAM AGAIN and for something bigger!

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