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This section is all about celebrating the artist within!

Meet artists, dancers, companies, groups, studios, teachers, choreographers, performers, crews, projects, musicians, and communities that all have one thing in common… A PASSION FOR DANCE! Take a closer look at each story, the challenges, the triumphs, the encouragement, and the achievements. See how dance has had a powerful and positive impact on individuals and communities. There is much that we can learn from each other. We can appreciate our differences and embrace what moves us.


ASHLEY SQUARE Kerry Square Natalie Tabony Megan Square ViDEO GAMES square Jeremy Iturri Square Yin Yang Square Projecto Milagros Square Peruvian Dance Square Angeles Square 2 Jesus Velasco Mondragon Tammy and Andreas Tolas Square Maps Square Modern Kin Square Past Future Square Down Under Square Ever Enough Square Shake It Out Square Love The Way You Lie Square The Feel Again Square Le Mélodie Square JD2 Trouble Square Sarah Boardman So Sorry Mikee Nadora Madeline Robertson Emma & Mason Kennedy Howard Audrey Wells 2 photo-1


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